Posted 2015-02-28T02:46:40+01:00
My parents divorced over the white/gold black/blue dress debate

Comment by Anonymous

It was a blue dress with some white staining.

Posted 2015-02-28T02:46:17+01:00
Looking forward to everyone's parents hearing about the dress in a few days and sending FW: FW: FW: FW: DRESS COLOR emails.

Posted 2015-02-28T02:45:46+01:00
The only good thing about this is that professional journalists are being woken up and forced to write about a dress pic

Posted 2015-02-28T02:44:25+01:00
Every minute 107 human beings die. What color is the dress?

Posted 2015-02-28T02:43:13+01:00
Imagine if we cared about the environment as much as we care about the dress.

Posted 2015-02-28T02:41:56+01:00
I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their dress but by the content of their character.

Comment by Anonymous

Bill Clinton?

Posted 2015-02-28T02:40:56+01:00
There's been an plane missing for like 6 months and yall don't give a shit but you don't fuck around when it comes to the color of a dress

Posted 2015-02-28T02:40:18+01:00
Fifty Shades of This Ugly Fucking Dress.

Posted 2015-02-28T02:36:42+01:00
Another picture of the dress:

Posted 2015-02-28T02:36:24+01:00
A gif of the dress:

Posted by Skylinesend 2015-02-27T13:31:57+01:00
Your shadow: What happens when light travels 93 million miles unobstructed, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in the final few feet by you.

Posted 2015-02-26T22:59:02+01:00
It's high time we change the name of the Indian Ocean to Native American Ocean.

Comment by Anonymous

It's named after India, the country in Asia. There's a life beyond America. That's why they say Education is important. :)

Posted 2015-02-26T22:55:56+01:00
"You the bomb" "No you the bomb" Kind gesture in America. Argument in the Middle East.

Posted 2015-02-26T22:14:30+01:00
My mind was blown when I realized "OK" is a sideways person.

Posted 2015-02-26T16:47:29+01:00
Having sex with your ex on a Thursday isn't cheating, it's a throwback.

Posted 2015-02-25T06:56:45+01:00
17 year old Kylie Jenner just bought herself a 2.7 million dollar house Anyway...I'm off to Coin Star to see if I can pay rent this month

Posted 2015-02-25T06:44:34+01:00
People are like snowflakes. If you piss on them they go away.

Comment by Anonymous

huih??? I pay good money for being pissed on ...

Comment by Anonymous

Ancient, motherfucker!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

can we piss on u then?

Posted 2015-02-25T06:43:53+01:00
Ironically the only way I'd watch the 50 Shades of Grey movie is if you tied me to a chair and forced me to.

Comment by Anonymous

u suck cock and eat cum.stupid idiot

Comment by Anonymous

You know you missed me. : )

Comment by Anonymous

Ah the squeaker is back. Your mom finally let you have interweb access again. Oh joy.

Comment by Anonymous

Been gone 5 months and I come back and I see not one person has posted a funny joke. Oh well, back to making fun on all the comments... ; P

Posted 2015-02-24T04:52:33+01:00
Good mothers let you lick the beaters when they're making a cake. Great mothers turn the mixer off first.

Comment by Anonymous

Fantastic mothers let you lick their pussy.

Posted 2015-02-24T01:42:16+01:00
Take the word "basically" out of any sentence you say with the word " basically " in it and you'll find out there was absolutely no need to say "basically". Basically it's to make you try to make you sound clever, basically.

Get a Life(1)
Comment by Anonymous

Go stand in the corner.

Comment by Anonymous

Basically suck my balls.

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